Effective Environmental Compliance Solutions


What We Do

Coal Creek Environmental Associates (CCEA) is an environmental consulting firm that helps organizations meet their environmental requirements simply and cost-effectively.  We provide a wide range of services for our clients, including:

Preparing applications for environmental permits
Negotiating permit terms
Investigating soil and groundwater contamination situations
Profiling wastes and determining appropriate  disposal options
Assessing air emission treatment options (including BACT and LAER determinations)
Conducting environmental compliance audits
Reviewing and troubleshooting environmental compliance activities
Developing environmental compliance programs
Preparing environmental compliance manuals
Developing and auditing Process Safety Management and Risk Management Programs
Assessing and managing odors from waste management and treatment

We are experienced in most aspects of environmental compliance, with particular expertise in air emissions, industrial wastewater management, accidental chemical release prevention (including Process Safety Management and Risk Management Planning), and environmental management systems.  We have also worked extensively for clients in food processing, non-ferrous metals castings and finishing, and municipal wastewater treatment.


We believe there are two key features that distinguish CCEA from other environmental consultants:

  1. Our experience in developing effective environmental compliance strategies

We focus on developing practical, workable environmental compliance strategies.  We have worked closely with numerous manufacturing organizations to unravel and simplify environmental programs, and to solve permitting problems. 

  1. Our simple, responsive management structure

CCEA is managed by Stephen J. Nelson, PE, its primary employee.  Mr. Nelson is a professional engineer with more than 25 years of environmental engineering, working in regulatory agencies and industrial consulting.  CCEA works closely with a network of similar companies to assemble teams for individual projects.  With this simple, decentralized and low cost structure we can provide talented, experienced staff at highly competitive rates.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our services.  

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